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About the Company

Clear Hearing is a division of On-Site Hearing Services, Inc. (onsitehearing.com) which has been serving senior living facilities in Minnesota for over 20 years. On-Site Hearing Audiologists visit seniors in residence to evaluate and treat hearing loss. Now the same patient-centered audiology services delivered with care and integrity are available to the general public at the Clear Hearing clinic in Edina, Minnesota.


CEO Doug Fincham realized the need for Clear Hearing when he observed recent marketing changes in the industry that do not benefit the patient. For that reason, Clear Hearing is a professional clinic and not a store. What sets Clear Hearing apart from the typical franchise audiology store is that we protect our patients from the high pressure sales techniques that have become all too common. The "free hearing exam" has become a tool used by many audiology stores to pressure patients into buying hearing aids from certain manufacturers.


Clear Hearing staff members do not work on commission and put the patient's hearing health and best interests first, before any product sales. We charge for our comprehensive hearing evaluations so that the ethical boundaries of medical care and product sales remain separate. Our commitment to patient needs is the strongest in the industry and has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau with their highest rating, an A+.


Clear Hearing Mission and Core Values

The Clear Hearing Mission is to provide the best hearing care services and products by maintaining honest and unbiased practices while providing accurate information to our patients so that they may make informed choices.


Clear Hearing stands behind our Core Values, the enduring guiding principles that shape everything we do:

Integrity. We adhere to the highest moral and ethical principals through honest business practices.

Quality. We only offer the highest quality services and products to our patients.

Excellence. We add value to the patient experience through excellence in everything that we do.

Building Relationships. Meaningful, lasting relationships go hand in hand with quality service. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust with each and every patient.


Company Officers

Douglas Fincham, CEO and President

Doug Fincham is the founder of Clear Hearing and On-Site Hearing Services, Inc. which he started more than 20 years ago. He is passionate about providing the best hearing care services in Minnesota because he is actually a hearing aid user himself. Growing up in a Midwestern farming community, Doug knows firsthand the dangers of occupational noise exposure and the social toll that hearing loss can take. He and his family were not aware of the risks involved with extended loud noise exposure and did not wear hearing protection. His personal experience and observations led him to dedicate his career to providing audiology services that meet the highest standards of quality and integrity, first at On-Site Hearing and now also at Clear Hearing.


Mark Fincham, Director of Marketing

Mark handles all of Clear Hearing’s marketing and outreach efforts. He has an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver and received his undergraduate degree in management from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. After several years in Denver working as a manager for the Walgreen Company, Mark returned to Minnesota to join Clear Hearing. As Director of Marketing, Mark is dedicated to providing hearing loss patients and their families with clear, honest communications that help them make good treatment choices.

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