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What to Expect as a Patient of Clear Hearing

Clear Hearing is the patient-centered Audiology practice. Our doctors put your hearing health and best interests first, before any hearing aid sales. Care is customized to your needs.


The first visit. When you visit Clear Hearing for the first time, we ask that you complete a medical history form. The Audiologist then meets with you to discuss the problems you are having with your hearing. Next, hearing tests are administered using the latest technologies for an accurate evaluation of your current hearing health. Allow between one and two hours for the first visit.


Testing your hearing. A comprehensive hearing evaluation at Clear Hearing includes the use of a soundproof booth. While in the soundproof booth, different tones are introduced at different levels to measure your ability to hear. You will also be asked to repeat words. It is important to determine not only at what level you can hear, but also how you understand speech sounds.


Test results are charted and explained in detail so each patient has a full understanding of their current hearing situation. We also send all test results to your primary physician if you have been referred to us.


Selecting a hearing aid. If a hearing loss is present, we will discuss what options are available. Each patient’s hearing loss, lifestyle and activity level help us determine which kind of hearing aids will work best. We have relationships with a variety of quality manufacturers and we help guide each patient through the process of selecting a device. If the patient is ready to move forward with amplification, a hearing aid order is placed at this time.


Fitting new hearing aids. Once the patient's new hearing aids have arrived, we call to set up a fitting appointment. The fitting appointment can take up to an hour. At this time, the hearing aids are programmed specifically for your loss. Then we check the fit and make sure that they sit comfortably in your ear. We take time to explain what to expect during the first few weeks. Learning to hear in a different way can take getting used to.


At the fitting appointment, patients are also instructed on how to insert, remove and care for the new hearing instruments. We make sure that you are comfortable with your new devices and that all of your questions have been answered.


Follow up appointments. The first follow up appointment is scheduled for about 2 weeks after the fitting of the hearing aids. During the first follow up appointment, we track progress that has been made and make programming changes if necessary. Some patients find it useful to write down questions or concerns prior to this appointment to make sure we address them at this time.


During the first year, we recommend a 6 month follow up visit. After that, it is important to have your hearing checked annually. Hearing can change over time and in order for your hearing aids to function properly, a current hearing evaluation is needed.


Hearing aid cleaning and servicing. Regular maintenance and cleaning is important to ensure that hearing aids are functioning properly. A good time to do this is at your annual hearing checkup with a Clear Hearing Audiologist. We service most brands of hearing aids, including replacing batteries, cleaning, inspecting, programming and repair.


Comprehensive Hearing Aid Choices

Clear Hearing believes in offering our patients good choices. We can provide hearing aids from a wide variety of quality manufacturers. Since Clear Hearing is not owned or financially influenced by any manufacturer, our Audiologists recommend the best hearing loss solutions based on diagnosis and patient preference. Please visit our Services and Products page for an overview of the top hearing aid manufacturers available at Clear Hearing.


Payment and Insurance

Clear Hearing accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid with a primary physician referral. Although the cost of hearing aids is usually not covered by insurance, they are tax deductible as a medical expense. Please consult your tax advisor. When you purchase hearing aids, Clear Hearing can offer payment options or manufacturer financing if desired.

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