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Physician Information

The Audiologists at Clear Hearing are experienced professionals with a team approach to medical care and a deep respect for the primary care physician. When you refer a patient to us, you can expect accurate diagnoses, detailed communications and an ongoing commitment to improving the hearing health of your patient. Our testing is medically comprehensive.


The Hearing Loss Patient

Although we associate hearing loss with aging, the majority of people with hearing loss in the US are actually younger than 65. Hearing loss has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, noise exposure, smoking and some medications. Even mild hearing loss can affect emotional well-being and job performance. Untreated hearing loss is rapidly becoming one of the most troubling health issues in the US. As the workforce ages, auditory deprivation affects many people on the job. The result is often anxiety, depression and compromised productivity.

We recommend an audiologic evaluation for adults over 50, especially if they have been exposed to loud music or other noise over time. Elderly patients can benefit greatly by a comprehensive hearing evaluation and appropriate recommendations for amplification. Often we find that senior patients with hearing aids have not been fitted properly, and we can improve their hearing with adjustment or a more appropriate device. We also treat children and young adults. Clear Hearing accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid with a primary physician referral.


The Clear Hearing Difference

Clear Hearing fills a need in the Twin Cities health care community for audiologists with extensive medical training who put the competent care of patients above all other considerations. Numerous storefront audiology businesses have sprung up in recent years, financed by hearing aid manufacturers with their primary goal to sell products. Their staff members frequently work on commission and sometimes have minimal medical training.

In contrast, Clear Hearing is a medical group of experienced audiologists with Doctorate or Masters Degrees, supported by audiology team members with a high level of academic and technical training. Our staff does not work on commission. Hearing aid devices are recommended based on diagnosis, patient lifestyle and preferences.

Clear Hearing offers a wide choice of advanced hearing instruments from top manufacturers, with no sales pressure. A full range of technology is available at different price points to provide solutions at reasonable prices. We deliver excellent results for patients while adhering to the highest medical and ethical standards


A History of Patient-centered Care

Clear Hearing is part of On-Site Hearing, the medical outreach audiology practice that has been serving senior living facilities in Minnesota for over 20 years. Our Audiologists visit seniors in residence to evaluate and treat hearing loss and monitor hearing health. They bring the same patient-centered, caring approach to their practice at Clear Hearing.


Medical Team
Our staff does not work on commission.
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