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Audiology Services and Hearing Aids

At Clear Hearing, our highly trained Audiologists provide the full range of services and products to evaluate, amplify and protect patient hearing. We care for patients of all ages with a customized approach to hearing health. Clear hearing is our goal for each patient and our staff does not work on commission.


Professional Audiology Services

  • Comprehensive case history
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations including:
    • Video otoscopy/otoscopy (exam of the ear canal)
    • Audiometry (hearing test)
    • Typmanometry (exam of the middle ear and ear drum)
    • Speech and word recognition testing
  • Real ear measurements (to properly fit hearing aids)
  • Hearing aid counseling and analysis
  • Large selection of advanced hearing instruments (see list below)
  • Hearing aid repair of most brands
  • Hearing aid batteries, cleaning and care kits
  • Assistive listening devices: phone, television, Bluetooth
  • Custom ear plugs and molds
  • Custom ear and hearing protection
  • Hearing health education


Comprehensive Hearing Aid Choices

Clear Hearing offers a wide choice of advanced hearing instruments from top manufacturers, with no sales pressure. A full range of technology is available at different price points to provide solutions at reasonable prices. Since we are not owned by a manufacturer, we are objective regarding brands. Hearing aid brands have different characteristics, and finding the right fit necessitates a broad selection for both Audiologist and patient. Manufacturers we work with include:


The Bernafon line of products offers different price points and levels of sophisticated technology, all of which the Clear Hearing Audiologists are trained to service. bernafon-us.com


Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible, extended wear hearing device. For more information please visit the Clear Hearing Lyric page.


Clear Hearing carries the full line of Oticon hearing aids, which feature state of the art digital technology. Oticon offers more than 10 different models, each with unique attributes that provide extensive product and fitting choices for both the Clear Hearing Audiologist and our patients. oticon.com


We have access to all products from this Swiss manufacturer. They offer new digital technology such as SoundRecover which shifts inaudible high frequencies down into the audible range, as well as FM technology to help with difficult hearing situations such as restaurants, parties, outdoors and car travel. Wireless remotes and trasmitters are also available. phonak.com


ReSound offers a wide variety of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, featuring proprietary surround sound hearing and wireless connectivity options. Certain products also have iSolate nanotechnology coating to help protect against moisture. gnresound.com


This German manufacturer offers both conventional and new technology to fit all needs and budgets. Devices can feature Bluetooth technology to connect to cell phones, televisions, and MP3 players with no delayed signal. hearing.siemens.com


Based right here in Minnesota, Starkey has a new solution for hearing in noisy situations: Voice iQ. It is available on both their behind-the-ear models and their new 100% invisible in-the-ear OtoLens. starkey.com


Unitron has one of the largest selection of instruments in the industry, making it a reliable source for products that address patient needs. unitron.com


In addition to their large array of hearing devices, Widex is the only manufacturer that offers a sound therapy tool, the Zen Program, for relaxation and tinnitus management. widexusa.com

Types of Hearing Aids



  • Most are partially visible
  • Ear impression required


  • Larger than CICs
  • Ear impression required


  • Most are partially visible
  • Variety of sizes
  • Ear impression required
Open Fit

Open Fit

  • Sit behind the ear
  • Smaller than BTE
  • Visually undetectable
  • Bluetooth compatible

Photos: Better Hearing Institute

Clear Hearing offers hearing aids from the following quality manufacturers: